5 Tips On Building Great Habits

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5 Tips On Building Great Habits

Tip #1: Don't put it off.
Obviously the most important step to building a great habit is to actually start!  Put it into action as soon as possible.  If the habit you want to create is working out at 4am, then set as many alarms as you can to wake you up at 4am.

Tip #2: Evaluate your "Why"
Another key to building a great habit, is to know why you want to even build it.  If my reasoning isn't strong enough, I will find 100 more things that are more important to me and that will more than likely negatively effect my ability to get it done.

Tip #3: Write it down first.
This may be the difference making action to some, but to others may just be tedious.  Either way, I suggest doing it!  If you write it down, you will at least be taking some type of action to confirm that this is actually something you want to do.  If you're like me, I normally lose everything I write down or forget where I put it.  (Same thing as losing it I guess.)  In the end, taking the time to write it on some paper does something to your body and brain letting it know there some type of contract, but whether that contract is important or not is another question all within itself.  Thats why #2 is a definite must in relation to this tip.

Tip #4: Find a way to be accountable.
Some people assign themselves accountability partners, others take to social media.  However you can, find a way to be accountable.  Remember none of us are alone in our quest to be successful.  There are complete strangers who actually want to see you do well!  You just need to connect with them.  There are groups on Facebook, programs on Instagram and throughout the web that can link you up with people who need the same type of friendship.  Below I will list some key places you can find accountability partners to help build those amazing habits!

Tip #5:  Don't get discouraged when you slip up.
We are all human, and we ALL make mistakes!  Enjoy the process of creating this all encompassing habit.. in the end you will be happy when it actually takes hold.  But, in all honesty, there are most likely going to be slip ups.  When building a habit, EVERY SINGLE DAY, is DAY ONE.  You are going to have to push and remind yourself why you made this decision to challenge yourself.  Know that you can do it, and that in time, with hard work, you will be able to achieve what you're looking for!

Bonus Tip:  In typing the above tip a word came to mind.  That word, is "Faith".  Have faith in the process.  At times it may not seem like what you're doing is working and you may not see the results up front.   In most cases it will absolutely take time to see any changes, but I promise, with consistency and perseverance you will find what you're looking for one way or another.  Just stick with it, have "faith" and watch the amazing habits grow!

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Are you looking for ways to connect with like minded people who are willing to partner up as accountability partners?  Here's some tips on places you can look..

Check out your local Chamber of Commerce - Most townships have one, and they usually hold mixers and networking events weekly or monthly.  This is a great way to link up with like minded people who are into growing and bettering themselves.

Facebook - All you need to do is go to groups and type in "Accountability Partners".  You may find a wide array of different types of accountability partners, if possible, be as specific as you can.

Linked In - Linked In has always been a go to place for people to network.  You have everyone from you Fortune 500 CEO to the flower shop down the street.  

If all else fails, just GOOGLE it.  You can also email me at ben@hoopcrate.com if you really would like someone to help out!  I check my emails daily and would love to help you on your journey time willing.

Again, thank you fro reading and we look forward to giving you more value with this weekly blog!  And don't be afraid to check back with us in case we decide to randomly post about anything basketball related!