Vertical..Genetics? Hardwork? Or, both? Vert Shock Pro Program Day 5 update!

So here we are 5 days into training with the Vert Shock Pro Program by Adam Folker.  Since Day 1, I have had several people message me asking about the program after seeing posts on my Instagram and Facebook feeds.  "What program is this?"  "Does it work?"  "How do I get the exercises?" and my favorite "Is it free?"  All of these questions are great questions, except the last!  The program, as stated above, is the Vert Shock Pro Program by a gentleman by the name of Adam Folker (pictured below).

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At first glance, Adam doesn't look like a freak of nature, or a monster basketball player (No offense Adam!).  He has played basketball all the way up to the pros, and has had tons of recognition for his explosive work on the court scoring in multiple ways.  From taking over D1 college games during "Folker Time", to training dunk specialists like multi-dunk contest champion "Just Fly", Adam has a extensive resume of success in training & game experience.  So, with that being said, taking a program and attempting to see it through is a no-brainer if you're trying to achieve a goal of at least raising your vertical anywhere from 9-15 inches in just a short 8 week stint.

To get the exercises, all you have to do is purchase the product!  Its a no frills, step by step, easy to follow guide that takes you from the warm-up, to the exercises, to the meat and potatoes vert program, and then into cool-down.  Upon completion, Adam even adds a "Maintenance" section so that after the program is complete, you're not left high and dry to lose what you worked so hard to gain.

Cost for the product, using this link below, will take you from the $137 retail price tag, and cut it down to a mere $67 investment in yourself.  No, it's not free, but neither is a cheeseburger a day..and I guarantee you, this pays you back a lot more than heartburn and body fat.

So, in the end, what is your goal?  To sit around and wait until you're 34 years old and winding down on your hoop dreams (Me, by the way)?  Or, will you take the initiative today to tell know what, I'm going to invest a little in myself, and take this serious for the same amount of time it takes me to run through a 60-day money back guarantee.. Oh, and by the way, there IS a 60-day money back guarantee!

My suggestion, take a chance on yourself.. I'm only 5-days in, and I'm excited to see where I end up, regardless if its in the midst of stars, or just standing on the moon.  I'll take either and be ecstatic, because just like the generic quote states.. "It's not about the finish line, it's about the journey there."  End generic quote..had to do it.

Well here's your shot.  The link is below, and as you probably could already tell throughout this whole article, the question now remains.. Why haven't you clicked yet?  Give yourself a shot, make a commitment (for once in your life!) and get to jumping!!!

Take the jump with me! Click Here

God bless,
Ben Gacrama
CEO & Founder of
Head writer for "The Hoop Lifestyle".


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