The Catch 22 of Lavar Ball

"...You (Media) could probably stop covering LaVar. I don't think you can stop covering the president. It’d be nice for all of us if both of them would just be quiet. Wouldn’t that be great?" 

Says Steve Kerr, a 7-time NBA Champion; Two times as a coach, and five as a player.  One thing we love about Steve & most coaches are their honesty and savviness.  The statement above is filled with so many hopes and dreams that will never be realized due to the innate responsibility the media has to, not just it's viewers, but it's pockets!  All you have to do is open Google and type "Lavar" and a slew of news will pop up.  The same could be said for the latter..  Type in "Trump" and you are bombarded with news that would make anyone a little confused about the state our country is in..

Now if you type both, in the designated search space of any browser, you would find one of the most recent feud's that are just as ridiculous as it is entertaining.  With the media taking one side as the "Winner" in one troll filled Twitter post, to the next day praising the other for an absurd arguement made on CNN.  You come to wonder, how long will this distraction go on for?  I mean, it definitely distracts us from more important issues.  It gives us some funny talking points at our next water cooler meeting at the office.  Or, maybe you just want to spark up a conversation in the ever expanding holiday shopping lines.. "How about that Lavar Trump battle....?  chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.."

In the end, we are left with a typical "Catch-22" of situations..  As much as many of us would love to not pay attention to a pointless drama between to colliding egos, we are left seeing it all over our Facebook feeds, Yahoo news updates & other social media fixes.  They said these types of things weren't a drug...yet we're all guilty of watching a troll destroy a comment section on Facebook!  Shame on us.. and shame on them.  But, good on Steve, he makes us really realize how much we ALL love soap operas.


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